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Mastering the Assignment Operator = in Pine Script

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Introduction to the Assignment Operator

In Pine Script, the assignment operator = plays a fundamental role in variable declaration and initialization. It is used to set the value of a variable when it is first declared, establishing its initial state for use in script calculations and logic. Understanding the correct use of the assignment operator is essential for effective Pine Script programming.

Purpose of the = Operator

  • Variable Initialization: The = operator assigns an initial value to a newly declared variable.
  • Role in Script Logic: It determines the starting point for a variable’s value, which can then be manipulated and used throughout the script.

Syntax and Usage of the = Operator

Examples of Valid Variable Declarations

  • Simple Integer Declaration: i = 1
  • Constant Declaration: MS_IN_ONE_MINUTE = 1000 * 60
  • Boolean Input with Default Value: showPlotInput = input.bool(true, "Show plots")
  • Function Output Assignment: pHi = pivothigh(5, 5)
  • Color Assignment: plotColor = color.green

Use Case Example: Simple Moving Average Indicator

Example Code

indicator("Simple Moving Average Indicator", overlay=true)
length = input(14, "Moving Average Length")
smaValue = ta.sma(close, length)
plot(smaValue, title="SMA", color=color.blue)
Assignment Operator

Explanation of Each Line

  1. Script Initialization: //@version=5 sets the Pine Script version being used.
  2. Indicator Declaration: indicator("Simple Moving Average Indicator", overlay=true) creates a new indicator titled “Simple Moving Average Indicator” and overlays it on the price chart.
  3. Length Input Declaration:
  • length = input(14, "Moving Average Length"): Initializes an input variable length with a default value of 14, allowing users to customize the moving average length.
  1. SMA Calculation and Assignment:
  • smaValue = ta.sma(close, length): Calculates the simple moving average (SMA) of the closing prices over the specified length and assigns it to smaValue.
  1. Plotting the SMA:
  • plot(smaValue, title="SMA", color=color.blue): Plots the SMA value on the chart with a blue color.

Key Takeaways

  • The assignment operator = in Pine Script is used for initializing variables with a specific value.
  • It is crucial for setting up variables, constants, and inputs in Pine Script.
  • Correct use of the assignment operator ensures that variables have the intended initial values for calculations and conditions in the script.


The assignment operator = is a fundamental aspect of Pine Script, enabling the initialization of variables and setting the stage for script execution. A solid grasp of how to use this operator is key to writing effective and accurate Pine Script code. By correctly initializing variables, you can create robust and customizable trading indicators and strategies, tailored to various trading scenarios and preferences. Remember, the initial assignment of variables is the foundation upon which the rest of your script’s logic is built.

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