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How it Works

🗣️ Commanding PineWizards AI

Instruct PineWizards AI effortlessly, and watch as it interprets your request for an RSI Divergence Indicator.

📜 Pine Script Editor View

Behold the seamlessly generated code. Clear, efficient, and ready for deployment directly in Pine Script Editor.

Pine Script Editor View
Live on TradingView

📈 Live on TradingView

Experience the indicator in action. Witness the precision and accuracy of PineWizards AI’s output on a live TradingView chart.

📚 Free Pine Script Learning Resources

We believe in helping our community. Explore our Pine Script articles, written by experts to help you learn and improve.

Don't Trade Alone

Traders and developers worldwide use PineWizards AI to script faster, focus on strategy logic over repetitive coding, and do what matters most: creating powerful trading indicators and strategies.


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Most frequent questions and answers

PineWizards AI is an innovative tool designed to help users generate Pine Script code for TradingView indicators and strategies using the power of artificial intelligence.

Our AI interprets your natural language prompts and quickly translates them into functional Pine Script code, streamlining the development process for TradingView strategies and indicators.

Absolutely! PineWizards AI is designed to assist users of all expertise levels, from beginners to seasoned Pine Script developers.

Tokens represent chunks of text or command in AI communication. Each of our subscription plans provides a set number of tokens, indicating the extent of interactions you can have with our AI in a given timeframe.

Yes, you can. All our plans are flexible and allow users to cancel anytime without any long-term commitments.