Understanding the strategy.risk.max_intraday_filled_orders() Function in Pine Script

This tutorial delves into the intricacies of strategy.risk.max_intraday_filled_orders()  function, offering a comprehensive guide to implementing it effectively in your trading scripts. Syntax Arguments Example and Analysis To elucidate the functionality of strategy.risk.max_intraday_filled_orders(), consider the following example script: Code Walkthrough Key Features and Takeaways In conclusion, the strategy.risk.max_intraday_filled_orders() function is a powerful feature in Pine Script … Read more

Understanding the strategy.risk.max_position_size() Function in Pine Script

This article delves into the usage, syntax, and practical application of strategy.risk.max_position_size() function to ensure your trading strategies adhere to predefined risk parameters. Syntax The syntax for the strategy.risk.max_position_size() the function is straightforward: Arguments Example Here’s a modified example to illustrate how the function works: In this example, we define a trading strategy named “Risk … Read more

Understanding the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() Function in Pine Script

This tutorial will dive into the details of the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() function, providing insight into its syntax, arguments, and practical application through examples. Syntax The syntax of the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() function is straightforward: This function does not return any value (void) and is used purely for its side effects on the strategy’s execution. Arguments Examples Example 1: … Read more

Understanding the strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() Function in Pine Script

The strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() function in Pine Script is a powerful tool for risk management within trading strategies. This function is designed to halt trading activities automatically after experiencing a specified number of consecutive loss-making days. It’s an essential component for traders looking to implement strict risk control measures in their automated trading strategies. Syntax Arguments Example … Read more

Understanding the strategy.risk.allow_entry_in() Function in Pine Script

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the strategy.risk.allow_entry_in() function, showcasing its syntax, usage, and practical application through a Pine Script example. Introduction to the Function Syntax The syntax of the strategy.risk.allow_entry_in() function is straightforward and is outlined as follows: Arguments Example Let’s analyze a practical example to understand how the strategy.risk.allow_entry_in() function … Read more

Understanding the strategy.opentrades.profit() Function in Pine Script

The strategy.opentrades.profit() function plays a crucial role in this context by providing the profit or loss of open trades. This article explores the function’s syntax, usage, and practical examples to enhance your trading strategies. What is strategy.opentrades.profit()? The strategy.opentrades.profit() function returns the profit or loss of an open trade, expressed in the strategy’s account currency. … Read more

Understanding the strategy.opentrades.max_runup() Function in Pine Script

The strategy.opentrades.max_runup() function is a powerful tool in Pine Script, used within trading strategies to analyze the maximum potential profit (runup) that an open trade could achieve during its duration.  Syntax Arguments Example To illustrate the use of strategy.opentrades.max_runup(), let’s delve into two practical examples, modifying variable names and the strategy for uniqueness while ensuring … Read more

Understanding the strategy.opentrades.entry_price() Function in Pine Script

In this article, we delve into the functionality and application of the strategy.opentrades.entry_price() function in Pine Script, an essential tool for developing and backtesting trading strategies on the TradingView platform.  Syntax The strategy.opentrades.entry_price() function is structured as follows: Arguments Example Use Cases To illustrate the strategy.opentrades.entry_price() function’s versatility, we present two examples, each modified for … Read more

Understanding the strategy.opentrades.entry_comment() in Pine Script

The strategy.opentrades.entry_comment() function is a powerful tool in Pine Script designed for trading strategy development on the TradingView platform. This function retrieves the entry comment of an open trade, allowing developers to add descriptive text to their trade entries. It’s particularly useful for debugging or for providing additional context to the strategy’s operations. Syntax The … Read more

Using strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() Function in Pine Script

In this tutorial, we explore the strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() function in Pine Script, which is invaluable for managing trades within a trading strategy. By the end of this guide, you’ll understand how to employ this function to control the timing of trade exits based on the entry point of your trades. Introduction to strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() The strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() function … Read more

Understanding the strategy.opentrades.commission() Function in Pine Script

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the strategy.opentrades.commission() function in Pine Script, a pivotal tool in quantifying the entry and exit fees associated with open trades within a trading strategy. This function is instrumental in creating more accurate and financially realistic trading strategy simulations. Syntax The function is declared as follows: Arguments Example Let’s dive into … Read more