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Logical Operators in Pine Script

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Introduction to Logical Operators

Logical operators are a cornerstone of programming, enabling scripts to make decisions based on multiple conditions. In Pine Script, the language used for scripting on the TradingView platform, three logical operators play a crucial role:

  • not: Negation
  • and: Logical Conjunction
  • or: Logical Disjunction

Understanding and using these operators efficiently is key to building sophisticated trading strategies and indicators. This tutorial will delve into each operator, their functionality, and how to use them in Pine Script.

Understanding Logical Operators

  • not Operator: It is unary, meaning it operates on a single operand. It inverts the truth value (e.g., not true results in false).
  • and Operator: Used for logical conjunction, it returns true if both operands are true.
  • or Operator: Used for logical disjunction, it returns true if at least one operand is true.

Logical Operator Truth Tables

AND Operator Truth Table

aba and b
AND Operator Truth Table

OR Operator Truth Table

aba or b
OR Operator Truth Table

Use Case Example: Combined Condition for Trade Entry

Example Code

indicator("Combined Condition Entry", overlay=true)
priceAboveMA = close > ta.sma(close, 20)
increasedVolume = volume > ta.sma(volume, 20)
entryCondition = priceAboveMA and increasedVolume

plotshape(entryCondition, title="Trade Entry Signal", location=location.belowbar, color=color.green, style=shape.labelup)
Logical Operators in Pine Script

Explanation of Each Line

  1. Script Initialization: //@version=5 sets the Pine Script version.
  2. Indicator Declaration: indicator("Combined Condition Entry", overlay=true) declares a new indicator and overlays it on the price chart.
  3. Price Above Moving Average:
  • priceAboveMA = close > ta.sma(close, 20): Checks if the closing price is above the 20-period simple moving average (SMA).
  1. Increased Volume:
  • increasedVolume = volume > ta.sma(volume, 20): Determines if the current volume is greater than the 20-period SMA of volume.
  1. Entry Condition:
  • entryCondition = priceAboveMA and increasedVolume: Combines the two conditions using the and operator. The entry signal is generated only when both conditions are true.
  1. Plotting the Signal:
  • plotshape(entryCondition, ...): Plots a green label below the bar when the entry condition is met.

Key Takeaways

  • Logical operators in Pine Script are essential for creating complex conditions by combining multiple simple conditions.
  • The not, and, and or operators enable scripts to evaluate and respond to diverse market scenarios.
  • Understanding how to apply these operators in real-world contexts is vital for effective strategy development.


Logical operators in Pine Script are powerful tools that enable traders and developers to build complex trading conditions and strategies. By mastering the use of not, and, and or, you can significantly enhance the functionality and responsiveness of your scripts on TradingView. Remember, the key to effective trading strategy development lies not only in the technical understanding of these operators but also in their practical application in the context of the financial markets.

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