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Understanding the strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() Function in Pine Script

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The strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() function in Pine Script is a powerful tool for risk management within trading strategies. This function is designed to halt trading activities automatically after experiencing a specified number of consecutive loss-making days. It’s an essential component for traders looking to implement strict risk control measures in their automated trading strategies.


strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days(count, alert_message) → void


  • count (simple int): This is a mandatory argument that specifies the threshold number of consecutive loss-making days. Once this limit is reached, the strategy will stop executing new orders.
  • alert_message (simple string): An optional argument that provides a custom message which replaces the {{strategy.order.alert_message}} placeholder. This message is used in alerts generated when the function’s conditions are met.

Example Usage

Below is a simple demonstration of how to use the strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() function in a trading strategy script in Pine Script:

strategy("Risk Control Demo", shorttitle="RCD")
strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days(3, "Trading Halted Due to Consecutive Losses") // Halts trading after 3 consecutive loss days.

In this example, the strategy titled “Risk Control Demo” employs the strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() function with a count of 3. This means that if the strategy incurs losses for three consecutive days, it will automatically stop placing any new orders. Additionally, an optional alert_message is provided, which will be displayed in any generated alerts, indicating that trading has been halted due to consecutive losses.

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Function Declaration: strategy("Risk Control Demo", shorttitle="RCD") initializes the strategy with a name and a short title.
  2. Risk Control Application: strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days(3, "Trading Halted Due to Consecutive Losses") sets the risk management rule. Here, 3 is the count of consecutive loss days allowed before the strategy stops trading. The alert_message provides a custom notification for when this condition is triggered.
  3. Visual Representation: plot(strategy.position_size) is used to plot the size of the current position on the chart, allowing the user to visually assess how the strategy’s position size changes over time.

Key Features and Takeaways

  • Function Purpose: Enables automated risk management by halting trading after a preset number of consecutive loss-making days.
  • Syntax and Application: The function requires at least one argument (count) and allows an optional alert_message for custom alerts. It applies to the entire strategy, affecting all pending and future orders.
  • Strategic Implementation: Essential for strategies where stringent risk control is paramount to prevent excessive drawdowns due to prolonged losing streaks.

Implementing the strategy.risk.max_cons_loss_days() function is straightforward yet profoundly impacts strategy performance, emphasizing its utility in constructing resilient and risk-averse trading systems in Pine Script.

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