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Understanding the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() Function in Pine Script

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This tutorial will dive into the details of the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() function, providing insight into its syntax, arguments, and practical application through examples.


The syntax of the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() function is straightforward:

strategy.risk.max_drawdown(value, type, alert_message) → void

This function does not return any value (void) and is used purely for its side effects on the strategy’s execution.


  • value (simple int/float): This is a required parameter that specifies the maximum drawdown limit. It can be expressed either in the base currency’s monetary value or as a percentage of the strategy’s maximum equity. When using percentages, the valid range is from 0 to 100.
  • type (simple string): Also a required parameter, this argument defines the nature of the value parameter. It can take one of two values: strategy.percent_of_equity for percentage-based limits, or strategy.cash for absolute monetary limits.
  • alert_message (simple string): This optional parameter allows for customization of the alert message that replaces the {{strategy.order.alert_message}} placeholder in the “Create Alert” dialog box’s “Message” field.


Example 1: Setting a Percentage-Based Drawdown Limit

strategy.risk.max_drawdown(50, strategy.percent_of_equity) // set maximum drawdown to 50% of maximum equity

This example demonstrates how to set a maximum drawdown limit to 50% of the maximum equity of the strategy. Once the equity decreases by 50% from its peak, all trading activities are stopped.

Example 2: Setting a Monetary-Based Drawdown Limit

strategy("risk_control_demo_cash", currency = "EUR")
strategy.risk.max_drawdown(2000, strategy.cash)  // set maximum drawdown to 2000 EUR from maximum equity

In this example, the maximum drawdown limit is set to 2000 EUR. If the strategy’s equity falls by 2000 EUR from its highest point, it triggers the same risk management actions as described above.

Key Features and Takeaways

  • The strategy.risk.max_drawdown() function is crucial for implementing risk management in trading strategies.
  • Function Useability: It provides a mechanism to limit losses by specifying a maximum drawdown limit, either in percentage of equity or in absolute monetary terms.
  • Syntax and Application: Its straightforward syntax requires defining the maximum drawdown value and type, with an optional alert message customization.
  • Practical Implementation: By employing this function, traders can automate risk control measures, ensuring trading activities are halted once the defined drawdown limit is reached, thus protecting capital.

In summary, the strategy.risk.max_drawdown() function in Pine Script is essential for traders looking to incorporate strict risk management rules into their strategies. By understanding and utilizing this function, traders can effectively limit their losses, safeguarding their capital against significant drawdowns.

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