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Using strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() Function in Pine Script

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In this tutorial, we explore the strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() function in Pine Script, which is invaluable for managing trades within a trading strategy. By the end of this guide, you’ll understand how to employ this function to control the timing of trade exits based on the entry point of your trades.

Introduction to strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index()

The strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() function is a powerful tool in Pine Script, allowing developers to access the bar index of an open trade’s entry point. This functionality is crucial for strategies that depend on the duration a trade has been open to make decisions, such as closing trades after a certain number of bars.


strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index(trade_num) → series int


  • trade_num (series int): This represents the number of the open trade, where the count starts from zero for the first trade.


Let’s delve into an example to illustrate how to effectively use this function within a trading strategy.

strategy("Open Trades Entry Index Example")

barsSinceEntry() =>
    strategy.opentrades > 0 ? bar_index - strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index(strategy.opentrades - 1) : na

if strategy.opentrades == 0
    strategy.entry("EnterLong", strategy.long)

if barsSinceEntry() >= 10

Code Explanation

  • Defining a Helper Function barsSinceEntry(): This function calculates the number of bars since the last trade entry. If there are open trades (strategy.opentrades > 0), it subtracts the bar index at the last trade entry (strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index(strategy.opentrades - 1)) from the current bar index (bar_index). If there are no open trades, it returns na.
  • Entry Condition: The strategy enters a long position (strategy.entry("EnterLong", strategy.long)) if there are no open trades (strategy.opentrades == 0).
  • Exit Condition: The strategy closes the long position (strategy.close("EnterLong")) if 10 or more bars have passed since the last trade entry (barsSinceEntry() >= 10).

Key Features and Takeaways

  • Function Utility: strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() is essential for strategies that implement exit conditions based on the time elapsed since entry. It provides precise control over trade durations.
  • Syntax and Application: The function requires the trade number as an argument, enabling targeted queries on specific open trades. This flexibility allows for complex trade management strategies.
  • Practical Use Case: The example demonstrates a straightforward application—closing a trade after a specified number of bars since entry. This approach can be adapted for various timing-based trade management tactics.

Incorporating strategy.opentrades.entry_bar_index() into your Pine Script trading strategies can significantly enhance trade timing and management capabilities, offering a methodical approach to exits based on the duration of open trades. Experiment with different conditions and timeframes to find the optimal application for your trading strategy.

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