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Understanding the table.cell_set_text_font_family() Function in Pine Script

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The table.cell_set_text_font_family() function is a specialized tool within Pine Script for customizing the appearance of text within table cells. This function allows developers to set the font family of text content inside a table cell, enhancing the readability and aesthetic appeal of their tables. Let’s dive into the syntax, arguments, and usage of this function through an example.


The syntax of the table.cell_set_text_font_family() function is as follows:

table.cell_set_text_font_family(table_id, column, row, text_font_family) → void


  • table_id (series table): This is the table object to which the function is applied.
  • column (series int): The index of the cell’s column, where numbering starts at 0.
  • row (series int): The index of the cell’s row, with numbering also starting at 0.
  • text_font_family (series string): Specifies the font family of the text. The possible values are font.family_default and font.family_monospace.

Example Explained

The provided example demonstrates how to use the table.cell_set_text_font_family() function within a Pine Script indicator to set the font family of a table cell.

indicator("Example of setting the table cell font")
var t = table.new(position.top_left, rows = 1, columns = 1)
table.cell(t, 0, 0, "monospace", text_color = color.blue)
table.cell_set_text_font_family(t, 0, 0, font.family_monospace)


  1. Indicator Declaration: The script begins with //@version=5 to specify the version of Pine Script, followed by an indicator declaration with a descriptive name.
  2. Table Creation: A table t is created using table.new() with its position set to the top left of the chart, and it is configured to have 1 row and 1 column.
  3. Cell Initialization: The table.cell() function initializes the cell at column 0, row 0 with the text “monospace” and sets the text color to blue.
  4. Setting Font Family: Finally, table.cell_set_text_font_family() is used to set the font family of the aforementioned cell to monospace using font.family_monospace.

Key Features and Takeaways

  • Function Usability: The table.cell_set_text_font_family() function is crucial for customizing the visual appearance of text in table cells, allowing for better thematic integration with the rest of the indicator or strategy.
  • Syntax and Application: Understanding the function’s syntax and its arguments is essential for accurately applying font styles to table cells.
  • Enhancing Readability: By changing the font family, developers can improve the readability of the table content, making it easier for users to interpret the data presented.

This function, along with others provided by Pine Script for table manipulation, opens up a range of possibilities for presenting data in visually appealing and informative ways.

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