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Understanding syminfo.tickerid Function in Pine Script

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In this article, we delve into the syminfo.tickerid variable in Pine Script, particularly focusing on its usage in the context of Version 5. We will explore how this string variable functions, its typical applications, and why it’s a crucial component in Pine Script programming, especially when used with the request.security() function.

What is syminfo.tickerid?

Definition and Components

syminfo.tickerid is a string variable in Pine Script that holds unique information about the financial instrument currently being analyzed in your script. It encompasses various elements such as:

  • Session Information: Details about the trading session.
  • Prefix: The market or exchange identifier.
  • Ticker Information: The specific symbol or ticker of the instrument.

Usage Context

Although syminfo.tickerid is not frequently displayed directly in scripts, it serves a pivotal role. Its primary use is as an argument for the symbol parameter in the request.security() function.

Application in request.security()

The Role of request.security()

The request.security() function is utilized to request data from a different symbol or timeframe than the one currently being processed. This function is integral in multi-timeframe analysis or when comparing different instruments within a script.

Integrating syminfo.tickerid

When using request.security(), syminfo.tickerid acts as a dynamic reference to the current chart’s symbol. This ensures that your script can be applied to any chart, and it will automatically reference the correct symbol. For instance:

indicator("My Custom Indicator", overlay=true)
currentPrice = request.security(syminfo.tickerid, "D", close)

In this example, syminfo.tickerid is used to fetch the daily closing price of whatever symbol the script is applied to.

Key Features

  • Version 5 Compatibility: syminfo.tickerid is compatible and updated for Pine Script Version 5.
  • Dynamic Symbol Reference: It allows for dynamic referencing of the current chart’s symbol, making scripts versatile and adaptable.
  • Integral in Multi-Timeframe Analysis: Essential for scripts that involve multi-timeframe analysis or instrument comparisons.


  • syminfo.tickerid is a versatile and crucial string variable in Pine Script, particularly in Version 5.
  • Its primary function is to provide a dynamic symbol reference for the request.security() function.
  • It includes detailed information about the session, prefix, and ticker of the current financial instrument.
  • This variable enhances the flexibility and adaptability of scripts, allowing them to be applied universally to any chart.

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