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Understanding symInfo.pointvalue Function in Pine Script

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In this article, we’ll delve into the usage and significance of symInfo.pointvalue in Pine Script Version 5, using the S&P 500 E-Mini as our case study.

What is symInfo.pointvalue?

Definition and Basics

In Pine Script, symInfo.pointvalue refers to the point value of the underlying asset that determines a contract’s value. This attribute is crucial when working with financial instruments like futures, where the contract’s value is a multiple of the underlying asset’s price.

Example: S&P 500 E-Mini (ES1!)

For instance, consider the S&P 500 E-Mini (ES1!). In this case, the point value is 50. This means each contract is worth 50 times the price of the instrument. Understanding this value is key to calculating profits, losses, and risks associated with trading these contracts.

Using symInfo.pointvalue in Pine Script

Code Example

Let’s look at a simple example in Pine Script to demonstrate how to use symInfo.pointvalue.

indicator("My Indicator", overlay=true)

// Accessing the point value
contractPointValue = syminfo.pointvalue

// Displaying the point value
label.new(bar_index, high, text="Point Value: " + str.tostring(contractPointValue), color=color.red)

Walkthrough of the Code

  1. Version Declaration: We start with //@version=5, indicating that we are using Pine Script Version 5.
  2. Indicator Setup: indicator("My Indicator", overlay=true) sets up the script as an indicator, with the name “My Indicator” and an overlay on the price chart.
  3. Accessing Point Value: contractPointValue = syminfo.pointvalue retrieves the point value of the current symbol and stores it in contractPointValue.
  4. Displaying the Value: A label is created using label.new, displaying the point value on the chart for easy reference.

Key Features of symInfo.pointvalue

  • Functionality: Retrieves the point value of the contract for the current trading symbol.
  • Syntax: syminfo.pointvalue.
  • Application: Essential for calculations related to contract value, risk management, and profit/loss in trading strategies, especially in futures markets.


  • Versatility: symInfo.pointvalue is a dynamic feature in Pine Script that adapts to different trading symbols, making it a versatile tool for traders dealing with various financial instruments.
  • Essential for Futures Trading: For instruments like the S&P 500 E-Mini, understanding and utilizing symInfo.pointvalue is crucial for accurate trading calculations.
  • Ease of Use: Pine Script makes accessing and using the point value straightforward, enhancing strategy development and analysis.

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