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Understanding the math.todegrees() Function in Pine Script

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math.todegrees() is designed to convert an angle measured in radians to an approximately equivalent angle in degrees. This function is particularly valuable in technical analysis where transformations between different angle units are necessary for calculations.

Syntax and Usage

The math.todegrees() function follows a straightforward syntax:

math.todegrees(radians) → series float


  • radians (series int/float): This argument accepts the angle in radians that you wish to convert into degrees. It supports both integer and floating-point series, offering flexibility in handling various types of numerical data.


  • The function returns: The angle value in degrees as a floating-point series. This conversion is essential for interpreting angles in a more universally understood unit, especially in graphical representations.

Example: Converting Radians to Degrees

To illustrate the math.todegrees() function’s application, let’s consider a simple example where we convert a specific angle in radians to degrees.

indicator("Radians to Degrees Converter", overlay=true)

// Example angle in radians
exampleRadians = math.pi / 4

// Converting radians to degrees
exampleDegrees = math.todegrees(exampleRadians)

// Plotting the result
plot(exampleDegrees, title="Angle in Degrees")


  1. //@version=5: This line specifies the version of Pine Script being used. In this case, it’s version 5.
  2. indicator("Radians to Degrees Converter", overlay=true): This line sets the title of the indicator to “Radians to Degrees Converter” and specifies that it should be overlaid on the price chart.
  3. exampleRadians = math.pi / 4: This line defines a variable exampleRadians and assigns it the value of π/4, which is approximately 45 degrees expressed in radians.
  4. exampleDegrees = math.todegrees(exampleRadians): This line converts the angle in radians (exampleRadians) to degrees using the math.todegrees() function provided by Pine Script’s built-in math library. The result is stored in the variable exampleDegrees.
  5. plot(exampleDegrees, title="Angle in Degrees"): This line plots the value of exampleDegrees on the chart. It sets the title of the plot to “Angle in Degrees”.

Key Features

  • Function Usability: math.todegrees() is a versatile function that can handle both integers and floats, making it highly usable in various scenarios where angle conversion is needed.
  • Syntax: The function’s syntax is straightforward, requiring only the angle in radians as an argument, which simplifies its application in scripts.
  • Application: This function is invaluable for technical analysts and traders who work with geometric patterns or angles in their analysis and need to convert between radians and degrees.


  • The math.todegrees() function is crucial for converting angles from radians to degrees in Pine Script.
  • It accepts a series integer or float as input and returns the angle in degrees.
  • The function enhances the flexibility and efficiency of scripting in technical analysis by simplifying angle unit conversions.

Understanding and utilizing the math.todegrees() function can significantly aid in the accurate analysis and presentation of data involving angular measurements in trading strategies.

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