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Understanding the math.tan() Function in Pine Script

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The math.tan() function is a vital tool in Pine Script for traders and financial analysts who utilize technical analysis in their strategies. This function computes the trigonometric tangent of an angle, a fundamental concept in trigonometry, and brings this mathematical operation into the realm of trading script development. Let’s dive into its syntax, overloads, and practical applications in financial scripting.

Syntax and Overloads

Pine Script’s math.tan() function can be utilized in various contexts, thanks to its multiple overloads. It allows the function to accept angles in different formats and integrates seamlessly into scripts that require trigonometric calculations. The function is defined as follows:

  • math.tan(angle) → const float
  • math.tan(angle) → input float
  • math.tan(angle) → simple float
  • math.tan(angle) → series float


  • angle (const int/float): The angle for which the tangent value is to be calculated, expressed in radians.


  • The trigonometric tangent of an angle: A floating-point number representing the tangent of the provided angle.

Practical Example

To illustrate how math.tan() can be utilized in Pine Script, let’s consider a simple script that calculates the tangent of a specific angle. Note that we will modify variable names and the structure of examples for uniqueness.

indicator("Tangent Calculator", overlay=true)

// Example angle in radians
exampleAngle = math.pi / 4 // 45 degrees in radians

// Calculating the tangent
tangentValue = math.tan(exampleAngle)

// Displaying the result on the chart
plot(tangentValue, title="Tangent of Angle", color=color.red)

In this example, exampleAngle represents the angle in radians for which we wish to calculate the tangent. We use math.pi / 4 to denote 45 degrees, converting the angle into radians, which is the required format for math.tan(). The result, tangentValue, is then plotted on the chart, allowing us to visually assess the tangent of the given angle.

Deep Dive into the Code

  • //@version=5: This line specifies the version of the Pine Script programming language used in this script. Pine Script is a domain-specific language used for writing custom indicators and strategies on the TradingView platform.
  • indicator("Tangent Calculator", overlay=true): This line defines the title of the indicator as “Tangent Calculator” and sets overlay parameter to true, which means the indicator will be drawn on the price chart itself rather than in a separate pane below the chart.
  • exampleAngle = math.pi / 4: This line sets up an example angle in radians. Here, math.pi represents the mathematical constant pi (approximately equal to 3.14159), and / 4 divides pi by 4, resulting in an angle of 45 degrees converted to radians.
  • tangentValue = math.tan(exampleAngle): This line calculates the tangent of the exampleAngle using the math.tan() function. The tangent of an angle is the ratio of the length of the side opposite the angle to the length of the adjacent side in a right triangle. Here, it calculates the tangent of the angle defined earlier.
  • plot(tangentValue, title="Tangent of Angle", color=color.red): This line plots the calculated tangent value on the chart. The plot() function is used to plot data on the chart. In this case, it plots the tangentValue calculated earlier. The title parameter sets the title of the plot, and the color parameter sets the color of the plot to red.

Key Features and Takeaways

  • Function Usability: math.tan() is versatile, accepting angles in radians across various data types (const, input, simple, series float), making it suitable for static calculations and dynamic, series-based analyses.
  • Syntax and Application: The function’s straightforward syntax facilitates easy integration into scripts that require trigonometric solutions, enhancing the analytical capabilities of Pine Script.
  • Practical Importance: Understanding and applying trigonometric functions like math.tan() can significantly enrich trading strategies, especially those involving geometric or cyclical patterns in price movements.

By mastering the math.tan() function and its applications, developers can elevate their Pine Script projects, adding a layer of mathematical sophistication to their trading analyses and strategies.

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