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Understanding the shape.labeldown in Pine Script

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This article will delve into the use of shape.labeldown within the context of Pine Script, showcasing its application, syntax, and practical examples to enhance your trading strategies through visual cues.

Introduction to plotshape Function

Before we explore shape.labeldown, let’s briefly understand the plotshape function. plotshape is used in Pine Script to plot shapes on a chart at specific series values, often to highlight significant trading events like buy/sell signals. The function can take various arguments, including the series to plot, the shape style, color, and position.

What is shape.labeldown?

The shape.labeldown is a shape style constant used with plotshape to draw a label pointing downwards. This style is particularly useful for marking specific events on a chart where you want the label to draw attention by pointing away from the price action, typically used to denote sell signals or other downwards movement indicators.


plotshape(series, style=shape.labeldown, location=location.belowbar, color=color.red, size=size.small)

In this syntax:

  • series specifies the condition or data series that triggers the shape plotting.
  • style=shape.labeldown sets the shape style to a downward-pointing label.
  • location=location.belowbar positions the shape below the price bars (though this can be adjusted as needed).
  • color=color.red and size=size.small are optional parameters that define the shape’s color and size.

Practical Example:

Let’s create a simple script that uses shape.labeldown to mark when the closing price of a security is lower than the opening price, which might be of interest to traders looking for potential sell signals.


indicator("Label Down Example", overlay=true)

// Define a condition where the close is less than the open
sellSignal = close < open

// Plot a downward-pointing label below the bar where the condition is true
plotshape(series=sellSignal, style=shape.labeldown, location=location.belowbar, color=color.red, title="Sell Signal")

Walkthrough of Code

  • Indicator Definition: The script is defined as an overlay indicator, meant to be displayed directly on the trading chart.
  • Condition-based Plotting: It introduces a simple yet powerful condition (closing price being lower than the opening price) to identify potential sell signals.
  • Visual Highlighting with shape.labeldown: Utilizes the downward-pointing label style to visually highlight these sell signals directly on the chart, beneath the relevant bars.
  • Customization and Clarity: Through customization options like color and location, the script enhances chart clarity, making it easier for traders to spot potential sell opportunities at a glance.

Key Features and Takeaways:

  • Function Usability and Syntax: The shape.labeldown constant is specifically designed for use with the plotshape function to create visually distinct markers on trading charts. Its straightforward syntax makes it easy to implement and customize within trading scripts.
  • Application: Ideal for highlighting downward trends or potential sell signals directly on the chart, improving the visual analysis of trading data.
  • Customization: While shape.labeldown provides a specific style, it can be customized further in terms of color, size, and location to fit the user’s visual preferences and strategy needs.

By integrating shape.labeldown into your Pine Script strategies, you can enhance chart analysis and decision-making processes through clear, visual cues. This function’s simplicity and flexibility make it a valuable tool for traders looking to augment their technical analysis capabilities.

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