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Understanding chart.bg_color Function in Pine Script

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In Pine Script, the chart.bg_color function plays a crucial role in customizing the appearance of trading indicators and strategies. This function retrieves the background color of the chart as specified by the user in the “Chart settings/Appearance/Background” section of the TradingView platform. When a gradient background is chosen, the function returns the color at the midpoint of the gradient. Let’s delve deeper into how to use this function and its implications for script development.

How to Use chart.bg_color

The chart.bg_color the function is straightforward to use within Pine Script. It does not take any parameters and returns a color value. Here is a basic example that demonstrates how to apply the background color of the chart to a plot:

indicator("My Custom Indicator", overlay=true)

// Retrieve the chart's background color
bgColor = chart.bg_color

// Apply the background color to a plot
plot(series=close, color=bgColor, linewidth=2)

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Retrieving Background Color: bgColor = chart.bg_color captures the chart’s current background color. This is especially useful for creating indicators or scripts that adapt to a user’s chart theme, enhancing visual clarity and user experience.
  2. Applying to Plot: The plot function is used to draw a line on the chart based on the close price series. The color of this line is set to bgColor, making the plotted line’s color dynamic and responsive to the user’s background color setting.

Key Features

  • Function Usability: chart.bg_color is a simple yet powerful function that does not require any arguments. It enhances the customizability and adaptability of scripts, making them visually integrated with the user’s chart settings.
  • Syntax and Application: The function returns a color value that represents the chart’s background color. This value can be directly used in plotting functions or any other scenario where a color input is needed, such as setting the background color of labels or drawing objects.
  • Versatility in Visual Design: When a gradient background is used in the chart, chart.bg_color thoughtfully returns the middle point’s color of the gradient. This allows developers to achieve a balanced and harmonious design that aligns with the midpoint of the user’s chosen gradient, ensuring consistency in visual aesthetics.


  • chart.bg_color is a straightforward and effective function for retrieving the chart’s background color, supporting dynamic and user-responsive script design.
  • It provides an easy way to ensure that script visuals are in harmony with the user’s chart appearance settings, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • By understanding and utilizing chart.bg_color, Pine Script developers can create more adaptable and visually appealing scripts that cater to the diverse preferences of TradingView users.

This function exemplifies how Pine Script enables developers to create highly customizable and user-friendly trading tools, ensuring that visual elements are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally integrated with the user’s environment.

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