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Understanding the box.set_text_color() Function in Pine Script

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In this article, we will explore how to effectively utilize the box.set_text_color() function in Pine Script. This function plays a crucial role in customizing the visual appearance of text within a box on TradingView charts. By understanding its usage and parameters, script authors can enhance the readability and aesthetic appeal of their indicators and strategies.


The box.set_text_color() function is straightforward in its syntax:

box.set_text_color(id, text_color) → void

Let’s break down the components of this syntax:

  • id (series box): This argument specifies the box object whose text color you intend to change. The box object must have been previously created using functions like box.new().
  • text_color (series color): This parameter defines the color of the text. Pine Script offers various ways to specify color, including built-in color constants (like color.red), hexadecimal color codes (like #FF0000), and functions that generate colors dynamically.

Using box.set_text_color()

To effectively utilize the box.set_text_color() function, let’s walk through a simple example. This example assumes you have already created a box and now wish to set or change the text color within that box.


First, we create a box using box.new() and then set its text color with box.set_text_color():

indicator("My Box Text Color Example", overlay=true)

// Creating a box
myBox = box.new(bar_index[10], low[10], bar_index, high, border_color=color.blue, bgcolor=color.new(color.blue, 90), text="Example Text")

// Setting the text color of the box to white
box.set_text_color(myBox, color.white)

Detailed Explanation

  • Creating a Box: The box.new() function creates a box on the chart. In this example, the box stretches from ten bars ago (bar_index[10]) to the current bar (bar_index), and vertically from the lowest price (low[10]) to the highest price (high) of the current bar. The box has a blue border and a semi-transparent blue background.
  • Setting Text Color: The box.set_text_color(myBox, color.white) line changes the text color inside the box to white. The myBox variable is the identifier for the box we created earlier, ensuring we’re modifying the correct object.

Key Features and Takeaways

  • Function Usability: box.set_text_color() allows for dynamic visual customization of box objects in Pine Script, enhancing the interpretability and appearance of trading indicators and strategies.
  • Syntax and Application: The function requires two arguments: the identifier of the box you wish to modify and the color you want the text to be. This function does not return any value (void), as its purpose is purely to modify the box’s appearance.
  • Practical Use Case: This function is particularly useful in strategies or indicators where textual information within boxes needs to change dynamically based on certain conditions, such as signal strength, trade direction, or informational notes.

By incorporating box.set_text_color() into your Pine Script tools, you enhance their visual clarity and effectiveness, making your charts not only more informative but also aesthetically pleasing. 

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