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Understanding the box.get_right() Function in Pine Script

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This article dives into the syntax, usage, and practical applications of the box.get_right() function to enhance your Pine Script coding skills.

Syntax of box.get_right()

The syntax for the box.get_right() function is straightforward:

box.get_right(id) → series int


  • id (series box): This is the identifier for the box object from which you want to retrieve the right border position. It must be a previously defined box object within your script.


The function returns a value that is either a bar index or a UNIX timestamp (in milliseconds), depending on what was specified for the xloc parameter when the box was created. This value represents the position of the right border of the specified box object on the chart.

Practical Example

To illustrate the use of box.get_right(), let’s consider a simple example where we create a box and then retrieve the right border position of that box.

indicator("My Script", overlay=true)

// Create a box
boxId = box.new(bar_index[20], close[20], bar_index, close, xloc=xloc.bar_index, border_color=color.red, border_width=2)

// Get the right border of the box
rightBorder = box.get_right(boxId)

// Debugging: Plot the value of the right border
label.new(bar_index, close, text="Right Border: " + str.tostring(rightBorder), style=label.style_label_down, color=color.rgb(255, 255, 255))

Line-by-Line Code Walkthrough

  1. Indicator Declaration: We declare the script with @version=5 and indicate that it will overlay on the main chart (overlay=true).
  2. Creating a Box: We use box.new() to create a new box object. The parameters specify the start and end points in terms of bar index and price, along with visual styling options like color and border width.
  3. Retrieving the Right Border: box.get_right(boxId) is called to get the position of the right border of our box, which we then store in rightBorder.
  4. Displaying the Result: A label is created using label.new() to visually display the value of rightBorder on the chart for debugging or informational purposes.

Key Features and Takeaways

  • Function Useability: The box.get_right() function is invaluable for dynamic analysis and visualization in Pine Script, allowing scripts to interact with and respond to graphical objects’ positions.
  • Syntax and Application: Understanding the syntax is crucial—particularly how the function’s return value depends on the box’s xloc setting, affecting how you interpret the result.
  • Practical Use Case: This function is particularly useful in scenarios where the script needs to adapt or react to changes in the visual elements of a chart, such as adjusting indicators or executing trades based on the position of graphical objects.

The box.get_right() function, through its simplicity, opens up a multitude of possibilities for enhancing your Pine Script projects with dynamic and interactive chart elements.

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