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alertcondition Function in Pine Script

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Alerts are an indispensable component of successful trading strategies, and the alertcondition function in Pine Script offers a streamlined, flexible approach to incorporating them into your custom indicators and strategies. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the alertcondition function in depth, providing the information and examples you need to harness its full potential in your trading toolkit.

Pine Script Alerts

Pine Script, the domain-specific scripting language used on the TradingView platform, allows traders to develop custom indicators and strategies for technical analysis. Alerts are an essential component of these custom tools, helping traders stay informed about market movements and make timely decisions.

The alertcondition Function Explained

The alertcondition function in Pine Script simplifies the process of creating and managing alerts in your scripts. Unlike the alert() function, which directly triggers an alert when a specified condition is met, the alertcondition() function creates a trigger that can be used to set alerts manually within the TradingView platform.

Syntax for the alertcondition function:

alertcondition(condition, title, message)
  • condition: The condition that, when met, triggers the alert.
  • title: The title of the alert message, which can help users identify the alert quickly.
  • message: An optional custom message that can provide additional information about the alert.

Benefits of Using the alertcondition Function

There are several advantages to using the alertcondition function over the traditional alert() function:

  1. Greater flexibility: Users can manually set alerts based on the alertcondition triggers, allowing for more customization.
  2. Reduced clutter: Instead of triggering alerts directly in the script, alertcondition allows users to manage alerts within the TradingView platform, keeping scripts clean and organized.
  3. Enhanced user experience: With alertcondition, users can set their preferences for notifications, such as email, SMS, or in-app alerts, giving them more control over their trading experience.

Creating Basic alertcondition Triggers

To create a basic alertcondition trigger, start by defining the condition that will generate the trigger. For example, if you want to create an alert when the price crosses above a moving average, you can use the following code:

indicator('Price Crossing Moving Average Alert', shorttitle='PCMA Alert', overlay=true)
length = input.int(14, minval=1, title='Length')
src = close
ma = ta.sma(src, length)
crossAbove = ta.crossover(src, ma)
alertcondition(crossAbove, title='MA Crossover alert', message='Price Crossed Above Moving Average')
plot(ma, 'Moving Average', color=color.new(color.blue, 0))

Advanced alertcondition Techniques

You can create more advanced alertcondition triggers by combining multiple conditions, such as triggering an alert when the RSI is overbought and the price crosses below a moving average:

indicator('Advanced Alert Example', shorttitle='AAE', overlay=true)
length = input.int(14, minval=1, title='Length')
src = close
ma = ta.sma(src, length)
crossBelow = ta.crossunder(src, ma)

rsiPeriod = input.int(14, minval=1, title='RSI Period')
rsi = ta.rsi(src, rsiPeriod)
overbought = rsi > 70

alertCondition = crossBelow and overbought
alertcondition(alertCondition, title='Custom Alert', message='Price Crossed Below MA and RSI Overbought')

plot(ma, 'Moving Average', color=color.new(color.blue, 0))

Examples of the alertcondition Function in Action

Here are some additional examples to help you understand the alertcondition function in Pine Script better:

Example 1: Alert when the price increases by 2%:

indicator('Percentage Increase Alert', shorttitle='PIA', overlay=true)
percentageChange = input.float(2, title='Percentage Change') / 100
condition = close > close[1] * (1 + percentageChange)
alertcondition(condition, title='Price Alert', message='Price Increased by 2%')

Example 2: Alert when MACD crosses above the signal line:

indicator('MACD Cross Alert', shorttitle='MCA', overlay=false)
[macdLine, signalLine, _] = ta.macd(close, 12, 26, 9)
crossAbove = ta.crossover(macdLine, signalLine)
alertcondition(crossAbove, title='Macd Cross Alert', message='MACD Crossed Above Signal Line')

Best Practices for Working with alertcondition

When using the alertcondition function in Pine Script, keep these best practices in mind to ensure an optimal experience:

  • Use descriptive titles to quickly identify the purpose of an alert.
  • Test your alertcondition triggers in different market conditions to ensure they work as intended.
  • Keep your scripts clean and organized by grouping related alertcondition triggers together.
  • Educate users on how to set alerts manually within the TradingView platform based on the triggers you create.


The alertcondition function in Pine Script is a powerful, flexible tool that simplifies the process of incorporating alerts into your custom trading indicators and strategies. By understanding the function’s syntax, creating basic and advanced alertcondition triggers, and following best practices for working with alertcondition, you can harness its full potential and enhance your trading experience.

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